Personalised Eye Mask Mummy Print

Personalised Eye Mask Mummy Print



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Personalised eye Mask Mummy Print. Made in our beautiful chambray star print design.

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Personalised eye Mask Mummy Print.  Handmade in England, each sleep mask is filled with lavender whilst the 100% cotton velvet backing will gently caress your face.Trimmed with a very stylish cotton  piping. Perfect for travelling and equally for a good nights sleep or day time chill out whilst looking great too. Each mask is lined with a soft velvet and comes with a stretch velvet strap. One Size fits most! Gift Box available to purchase for this item Personalised with either Mummy, Mum, Mother or Mama. Sleep masks block light, signaling to your brain that it’s time for sleep. For those who work late-night shifts, these masks can help eliminate sleep-disrupting morning light. For insomniacs, sleep masks coupled with earplugs can help lessen external stimuli and distractions that keep your brain active, the perfect solution for a peaceful nights sleep. Be sure to stand out in a crowd when wearing one of our beautiful personalised sleep masks!

made from:

Chambray Denim, Velvet


20 x 10 x 5 cm

***Remember to tell us when placing your order what name you require*** 

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Personalised Eye Mask Mummy Print