Daddy Bear's Sleeping Luxury Denim Sleep MaskDaddy Bear's Sleeping Luxury Denim Sleep MaskDaddy Bears Sleeping Luxury Denim Sleep Mask

Daddy Bear’s Sleeping Luxury Denim Sleep Mask



Daddy Bear’s Sleeping Luxury Denim Sleep Mask with gold placement print and a hint of lavender.

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Daddy Bear’s Sleeping Luxury Denim Sleep Mask filled with a hint of lavender.

Love Lammie & Co luxury Travel Sleep Masks make the perfect gift for the global traveller. Handmade in England, each Mr Lammie sleep  mask is lavender filled for sleep enhancing whilst the 100% cotton navy velvet backing will gently caress your face.The strap is also made from a luxurious soft elasticated navy velvet. They are perfect for travelling with and equally for a good nights sleep.

A sleep mask is a useful lucid dreaming aid. In fact, it can improve your sleep and dreams on several levels.Whether you’re subjected to street lights creeping in around the curtains, standby lighting from electronic devices in the bedroom, or continuous light streaming from your LED alarm clock. Sleep masks block out all these sources of light, telling the photosensitive receptor cells in your eyes that sleep is due. Your brain reacts by converting serotonin (the chemical of wakefulness) into melatonin (the chemical of sleep) so you can enter deep sleep faster. This is necessary before you can embark on lengthier periods of REM (dream) sleep. You may also find you wake feeling more refreshed having slept in a sleep mask all night.

This stylish indigo denim version is printed with a quirky gold text saying ‘Daddy Bear’s Sleeping’ making it stand out. Makes a wonderful Fathers Day gift for style conscious Daddy’s everywhere!

Please be aware that indigo denim can rub off onto other fabrics and items of clothing. We recommend you hand wash separately.

Other items are available to match.Stylish Mr Lammie gift box also available to purchase for your sleep mask. You’ll find them in our Mr Lammie store front.

One size fits most!

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